How do I use mon huilette Body?

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How do I use mon huilette Body?

mon huilette Body is a gift you give to your bodies! Take advantage of this moment for yourself, to massage and do yourself good.

mon huilette Body is not a dry oil that stays on the surface layer of the skin. It is a complete care oil that will nourish and plump the skin in depth.
No more dry skin that tugs or tired legs that lack firmness!

Apply mon huilette Body preferably after showering, on skin that is still damp - but not wet. Opened pores will welcome this serum even better.

Put three or four pressures of mon huilette Body in the palm of your hands.
Take a deep breath to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, this magical smell of nature and cut herbs.
Heat mon huilette Body between your hands.

For the neck, bust and arms :
Use it as a gift for yourself.
Arms crossed, massage the neckline, shoulders and arms with enveloping gestures.

For the legs and thighs:
Massage from the bottom of the feet to the top of the thigh.
So you stimulate circulation and have a draining effect.

These massages will leave your skin nourished - just wait a few minutes before getting dressed.

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