When do I use mon huilette Rescue?

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When do I use mon huilette Rescue?

All-in-one magic balm, it nourishes, repairs and helps to heal ... Yes, but for what uses?

It really is the magic balm to always have in your bag or in your bathroom.
For the face and body, it nourishes, repairs, comforts, heals!
It can be used by the whole family and at any time.

On the face
For dry lips.
For damaged and chapped hands, also ideal for cuticles :)
For the sides of the nose, on the forehead and all dehydrated areas.
If the skin is very dry, you can leave it as a mask overnight.

For the body
On the elbows.
On the knees.
On the décolleté, to nourish it deeply.
On the feet and heels.
In a thick layer, under a pair of socks for the night, and baby feet when you wake up!

How to use it?

Warm in the palm of your hands before application.
Apply to dry areas, wherever you need it.
Do not hesitate to leave in a thicker layer to nourish deeply.