My skin is super dry and it hurts, what do I do?

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My skin is super dry and it hurts, what do I do?

Sometimes the skin pulls, it is dehydrated and we feel that we really need to nourish it deeply.

Start with a scrub with mon huilette Scrub. This scrub will remove dead skins and re-oxygenate the skin. A bit like the scrub with black soap in a hammam!
Use on wet skin on the face or on dry skin on the legs and body.

On the body, apply by massaging mon huilette Body. Rich in omega 6 and 9 and unsaponifiables (vitamin E, phytosterols and carotenoids), it will soothe the feelings of tightness related to skin dryness. It will also deeply nourish the skin.

For the face, then take the time for a full massage with mon huilette Night.
Give yourself 5 minutes to massage, reshape your face and deeply nourish your tissues.

If certain areas are still very dry (the wings of the nose, the forehead for example), do not hesitate to leave a hazelnut of mon huilette Rescue all night long.