Is an oil on oily skin possible ?

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Is an oil on oily skin possible ?

There is no contradiction for oily skin to use a facial oil, on the contrary!

Oily skin is often abused by the use of drying cleansers or micellar water which in the long run will alter the protective hydrolipidic film. There is a rebound effect and an overproduction of sebum responsible for the uncomfortable shiny appearance. Virgin vegetable oils composed essentially of unsaturated fatty acids are well absorbed by the skin which regains radiance and stops its overproduction of sebum. Skin balance is restored.

Are some oils comedogenic? Comedogenic means likely to clog pores and cause blackheads or even pimples. Vegetable oils are very little or not at all comedogenic, unlike occlusive mineral oils. The concept of comedogenicity is not scientifically defined, but usage shows differences ranging from simple to double as to the index of comedogenicity that is found in some works.

In summary:
- Oily skin must ban the mineral oils contained in many conventional cosmetics, and certain oils such as wheat germ oil or Rosehip.
- Oily skin, prone to acne should favor lighter and penetrating oils like those of Jojoba and Hemp for example, without ignoring a gentle gentle makeup removal with the fingertips to respect the protective film, limit the appearance of imperfections and find clean skin.