Phototoxicity, decryption...

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Phototoxicity, decryption...

It is generally not recommended to expose yourself to the sun with essential oils because some of them are phototoxic, but not all!

Les huilettes are skin care products formulated with essential and vegetable oils. Phototoxicity (or more commonly known as photosensitization) is a skin reaction that occurs when exposed to light. The origin of this photosensitization comes from furocoumarins, molecules present in certain essential oils - mainly citrus zest (Bergamot, Grapefruit ...).

As a precaution, and to avoid redness of the skin and erythematous reactions, it is therefore recommended to stop using these essential oils 24 hours before sun exposure. Even better, favor essential oils deprived of their furocoumarins.

And good news, no furocoumarins in the oils, even in mon huilette Body because we use an essential oil of grapefruit rectified without furocoumarins!