les huilettes and Slow cosmetic

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les huilettes and Slow cosmetic

What does this commitment mean?

Cosmetic Slow is a way to consume beauty differently. This movement led by Julien Kaibeck, the founder of Cosmetic Slow advocates an ecological and ethical approach, based on a common desire to promote a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics.

The Slow Cosmetic Charter has been the basis of the movement since 2013. It defines the founding values ​​for more ecological, healthy, intelligent and reasonable cosmetics. It is recognized and put into practice by our members who have received the Slow Cosmétique mention.

Concretely, today, Slow Cosmétique is both an international militant association and a pledge of quality.

Thanks to the Slow Cosmétique Mention, consumers know that brand offers products with their own formulas and reasonable marketing. Like the Michelin guide which gives stars to restaurants it deems the best, the Slow Cosmétique Association gives the " Mention Slow Cosmétique " to cosmetic brands that are worth a deviation.

In 2017, 27 new brands were congratulated by the Slow Cosmétique Mention, representing 5 countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, USA). including les huilettes!

"Fashionistas already love Les huilettes, and it's good news to know that aromatherapy in Slow Cosmetic mode can also be experienced in the hushed world of style in Paris or New York!"