Better understand beauty applications

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Better understand beauty applications

The approach of all these applications is commendable, because it implies more transparency for consumers. But today many beauty applications are emerging, and we are lost!

First important point, they use different tools to analyze products, some use the INCI list, others the barcode of the product.

Also, they do not take into account important existing labels: the COSMOS ORGANIC label certifies that the formula is ORGANIC and gives a guarantee on the ingredients, the containers and the manufacturing conditions; the VEGAN label necessarily implies that no test has been done on animals for example ...
They also do not take into account the effectiveness of the product: a product without active ingredient, and therefore without effectiveness, can potentially be rated much higher! The ratings given evolve without any explanation.

More scientifically, these analyzes do not take into account the dosage of each ingredient at all: this is the only criterion today that can characterize the real risk of an ingredient in a finished product.
These assessments are made by compiling open access data on the web, which underlines a lack of reliability of data versus the methodology of the studies, and obvious errors of interpretation. Shortcuts are thus made even when no scientific consensus exists!
Finally, certain ingredients are stigmatized, even though they are natural - this is the case with essential oils in particular - as a pure precaution while without risk in healthy subjects .

There is also the subject of allergens, and we advise you to read this article from Cosmebio which concludes as follows: The allergens of perfume are to cosmetics what nuts are to food products. They are mentioned on packaging to secure people who do not support them, but they are not dangerous for non-allergic people. In food, the presence of these allergens does not affect the overall rating of the product. So why do it in cosmetics?

Today there is a real need for understanding and education; and it is our role as a committed brand to participate. Knowing how to decipher labels and not entering into easy controversies, take a step back to analyze a formula more fully.