Free radicals and antioxidants?

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Free radicals and antioxidants?

Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by our body in the process of transforming nutrients into energy.

Our body has the means to neutralize them: antioxidants.
But if they are produced in excess, this defense is no longer enough.
Cells oxidize: this is oxidative stress.

Our body has many natural antioxidants with anti-free radical properties.
Nevertheless, the passing years our defense system tends to be overwhelmed, especially when these free radicals are produced in excess - and aggravated by external factors like the sun, pollution, tobacco ...

In the skin, free radicals attack cell membranes and in particular degrade collagen, which is the essential element involved in the appearance of wrinkles.

Sport, by increasing the energy requirements, boosts the production of free radicals.
Certain foods rich in antioxidants also come to our rescue.
In cosmetics, active ingredients with anti-radical or antioxidant properties help limit the signs of skin aging.