I want light legs for the summer

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I want light legs for the summer

Some tips to find pretty legs by Fabienne Crocq Yksilö, Coaching Silhouette

Beautiful days are coming and the urge to undress to show our legs too! The confinement disrupted the blood and lymphatic circulation of our legs. Little walking, long hours spent in a static position at home ... the legs are heavy, dimples appear, the skin lacks firmness and suffers from dryness. It is time for us to prepare our legs for the summer and to refine them by boosting the circulatory system. Yes, but concretely what to do?

. Drink good herbal teas made from red vine or blackcurrant. These plants revive venous insufficiency, drain and disinfiltrate waterlogged tissues. You can also take food supplements containing it.

. Choose yoga positions that refine the silhouette: the candle posture is excellent for improving circulation and promoting better venous return.

. Opt for sports that move your legs: the mini-trampoline, aqua bike, and cycling activate blood and lymphatic circulation, they help sculpt and erase cellulite.

. Massage and self massage: from the feet to the hips. The gestures combined with the active ingredients of mon huilette Body will help you drain, firm and improve the dryness of the skin.

Your legs will be light, soft but also sculpted and without orange peel... Perfect for approaching the beautiful summer days!

Fabienne Crocq Yksilö, dare to feel good
Coaching Silhouette