Want to be beautiful and take care of me

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Want to be beautiful and take care of me

Pink October is a month to be even closer to women, to all women, to those who are going through difficult times and need infinite gentleness.

A month to hug them and take care of their beauty, with the greatest delicacy.
For us, the team "les huilettes", in our approach around benevolence and active gentleness, it is natural to offer women beauty treatments compatible with all moments of life, including more fragile.
Composed exclusively of vegetable oils, mon huilette Sensitive and the new Extra gentle soap respect all skin types, all women, and agree with all sensitivities.

Comforting routine:
In the morning, on skin gently purified by the caress of Extra gentle soap.
Allow a few drops of mon huilette Sensitive to penetrate with light massages.
Immediately feel cuddled, enveloped in the scents of plants.
See his mood soar.
Discover firm and plump skin, full of softness and glow.
Rediscover your radiance and self-confidence.

To feel more beautiful and therefore stronger.
Stronger to be beautiful!