I was waiting for it, I was hoping for it, it happened

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I was waiting for it, I was hoping for it, it happened

There, in my bathroom, he is the one who makes me a little softer every day by cleaning my skin and above all, respecting my sensitivity.

How could I have done without the extra gentle solid soap by les huilettes? This delicacy with which it has taken its place in my life? Anyway. Now it is there and every day, glides over my skin to clean it but also hydrate it, nourish it, protect it. And then I will not teach you: never has hand washing been so popular! So you might as well mix the pleasant with the effective and ensure that this repeated ritual does not weaken or dry out our skin. Precisely, surgras and cold saponified, this square of benefits concentrates organic butters and vegetable oils of Coconut, Olive, Shea, Sunflower ... It is everything what I love and also, everything I want to offer to those who are dear to me: a caring caress, a gesture of tenderness.

And on a daily basis, how is our routine going?

It starts when you get out of bed, in the shower, around a cleansing of absolute delicacy, leaving the skin on my body and my face more radiant and stronger.

It continues throughout the day, accompanying the multiple washes of my hands, ensuring infinite softness and cleanliness.

Texture, naturalness, smoothness, richness… everything about this soap speaks to me of benevolence, tells me that he wants me well, that I can be sure of himself, and therefore of me.

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