I decided to give myself little pleasures

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I decided to give myself little pleasures

The period is complicated, the new anxiety-inducing and small pleasures are rare? Never mind, I'll go get them.

Simple. On the one hand there is the list of everything that I can no longer do (no need to detail, you have the same) and on the other hand that of all those pleasures that we never have time to s 'tune at home and which suddenly become possible. So I list them, schedule them, and hit the happiness button.

So what?

I treat myself to a spa session in my bathroom. Door closed, networks disabled and playlist on "sounds of nature" (I assume). I turn off the light, light a candle and soak in the searing delights of my tub, where the relaxing vapors of Neroli essential oil rise. I let go, I forget everything. I hover for a few moments, or a few hours. Only authorized actions: open the hot water tap to stay in nirvana or spread and massage my skin with mon huilette Scrub in order to soften it by relieving it of its impurities, and be reborn purified, smoothed, fed, euphoric.

I send myself a bouquet of flowers, gesture of solidarity for my florist, pure happiness for me when he arrives in my living room as a gift, like a party, with its fresh scents, its nuances tender and enchanted beauty.

I put color in my life, on my fingers, my toes. And I make them dance like tangy sugared almonds, after having generously buttered and massaged them from mon huilette Rescue , my SOS balm of concentrated softness.

I perfect myself in hot smoothies. More than ever we need vitamins to support the transition to winter (and what a winter!), but we also want warmth. So we stock up on seasonal fruits, we mix, we heat. My must for me? Pear, banana, chestnut, vegetable almond milk, dark chocolate square to fix the mood, dash of honey, cloud of cinnamon and sesame seeds. My little vitamin bomb is ready. And she is sublime.

I am learning the mon huilette Day self-massage tutorial by heart and I repeat it, 3 times every morning. Because it relieves me, tones my skin and my features. Because he makes me beautiful. Because I never tire of its Rosat Reranium + Cistus accord, because it's good and I have time.

I follow up with a positive meditation session. I refocus, I empty myself, I energize myself by breathing deeply. I make in my head the list of the little pleasures of my life. She is long. I'm fine.

I self-massage my neck and trapezius. Repeated sitting position and neck frozen in front of the screens = tension guaranteed. Then I heat them by rubbing them in the palm of my hands a few drops of mon huilette Body that I breathe gently. I massage my neck with my fingertips, from the neck outwards. I go down to the shoulders, right hand on left shoulder and vice versa. I move and I untie. I stretch my neck to the left, to the right, to the bottom. Here I am ready to return to my desk. Or not.

I write a mantra. But this is the first time, so I block a little, at the beginning, then gradually open the floodgates of my emotions and I let go of the pressure . The flow of my inspirations flows continuously. Words surge. I can not believe it. It feels good.

I recycle my tennis ball into a massage instrument and offer me a daily relaxation game without a net, by placing it between the wall and my back. As I move up and down, left to right, she relaxes each of my muscles. Simple, easy, efficient. Every time I win.

I indulge in my favorite night addiction: my olfactotherapy session with mon huilette Night. So that the price is linked to the phrases of the white flowers of Ylang Ylang and Petit Grain Bigarade, my doudou care acts relentlessly until the early hours of the morning, nourishing, smoothing, regenerating, softening and firming my skin, boosting the synthesis of collagen in my cells, blurring my tasks, rewarding me with the awakening of a dreamed softness.

I call a loved one, I tell him that I love him. I lie down with a book. I listen to Dua Lipa on repeat, with or without Angèle. I walk barefoot. I dance barefoot. He told me I'm beautiful, I believe it, I smile at my mirror. Here is a series of with my teenager. I give myself a sleepy morning. I stroke my cat, I even talk to him, and he answers me. I planted an Avocado pit, I water it, I sprout it up I go, promise my dog, I don't have a dog, I'm going anyway. I sing Celine Dion, and not only in the shower. I subscribe to Marie Papillon's account. I put on the djembe, it let off steam, if in my home it is not unanimous. I'm planning my next trip. I put Ginger in my tea. I knit a scarf for… who wants to wear it. I order my new huilette, haha!

I have plenty of other ideas. And you?