I want some glow for the holidays!

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I want some glow for the holidays!

Light, shine even in the dead of winter, and be the most beautiful for Christmas!

What do I do?
I stay sealed at home while waiting for spring to protect my skin from multiple climatic attacks?
NO! I now offer her a beauty revealing program right away?
Here we go. Bathroom decor. Closed door. Me, my mirror, mes huilettes, my tablet. Engine, action.

Act 1. I erase impurities, dead cells and the veil of pollution with mon huilette Scrub. Organic cane sugar, essential oils of True Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Oregano + Coconut and Sunflower vegetable oils. Yum! What good and happiness to put my skin in a good mood. Illuminated, softened, velvety, protected, it is ready to absorb the list of benefits of mon huilette Day.

Act 2. Glowing express by mon huilette Day . I plug in my tutorial Self-massage mon huilette Day and I applies to the letter. I breathe, I strum, I massage, I smooth. The essential oils of Carrot Semence, Shiu and Cistus deploy their anti-aging device - tonicity - radiance. The vegetable oils of Hemp, Pomegranate and Argan hydrate - soften and regenerate my skin. Soft, fresh, protected and radiant, she is at the top to shine under her party make-up, and I am ready for the compliments…

Do I look like I'm back from vacation? Not really, just a short stay in my bathroom. I have a secret ? Maybe ...