I detox, yes but why?

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I detox, yes but why?

Because my first beauty goal is radiance, and because it's good for my body.

Beauty is a holistic process.
And if skin care is actively involved (les huilettes especially), what we eat and experience can be seen (or paid for in cash) on our skin.
So for a glowy complexion and a chewable complexion, nothing beats a regular detox.

Welcome to the human body, direction the liver and the kidneys : two organs with a heavy task to clean, filter, drain, in short, rid our bodies of toxins. The more we accumulate these unwanted substances, the less they get. And as the excess inexorably ends its course in our skin tissues, the result is relentless: pores which clog, a grain which thickens, a complexion which becomes blurred, imperfections and its circles which flow…

How to act for glowing skin and rosy cheekbones?
With a good detox, especially in winter.
Winter with raclette syndrome and this furious need to jump on the calories as soon as the cold hits is a sign that detox is needed, and of urgency.

The program
1. We respect our sleep quota.
2. We start the day with a large bowl of hot water.
3. We favor foods rich in antioxidants, iron (to oxygenate the tissues) and vitamin C (to fix iron). So we stock up on cabbage, watercress, avocado, artichoke, whole grains, lentils and even dark chocolate (youpi!). We mix cocktails of carrots, beets, oranges, kiwis and pineapple in smoothies.
4. We use and abuse green tea, dandelion and red vine herbal teas.
5. We avoid fat, cigarettes, coffee, aperitifs.
6. We move, we sweat (no more toxins), we activate all possible levers of well-being (bye bye stress).
8. Finally, twice a week, we unclog our pores from head to toe with “mon huilette Scrub” and as a preventive measure, spread mon huilette Cream on our face to protect ourselves from pollution (that's always a win-win situation).

Detox is good for the skin, body, morale and vitality.
Are we attacking?