A little no make up cure?

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A little no make up cure?

Putting my skin on makeup pause mode so that it breathes, scrubs and catches the light: I say yes.

Okay, at first, I'm going to have to come to terms with my unvarnished reflection and learn to love my skin imperfections (it's not easy). But it's for a good cause. Shall we get started?

Understanding the challenges of make-up detox = the key to success.

Applied daily, foundations, blushes and other powders accumulate in the pores. Even with proper makeup removal, there is always something left. Over time, the grain thickens, the complexion becomes dull and above all, the ultra sensitive areas that concentrate our camouflage actions (dark circles and lip contours) become irritated and weakened. In short, it is endless. Unless? Like Alicia Keys, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard and even Lady Gaga, we give in to the nude trend and assume ourselves without make-up.

On the program
I take advantage of teleworking to give myself 2/3 days of make-up break per week and I put the package on the treatment.

Morning and evening, I dissolve the impurities encrusted in my pores with mon huilette Cleanse then I nourish and hydrate with mon huilette Day / mon huilette Night whose ultra fine textures slide and melt into my tissues without overloading them.

Twice a week, I eliminate dead cells, I stimulate microcirculation and I bring pink to my cheeks by massaging them with mon huilette scrub.

Coquetteries authorized, I brush my eyebrows (upwards) with a damp brush rubbed with extra-gentle soap by les huilettes, the ultimate gesture to fix them without damaging them. Finally, I rub my lips in Rescue Oil and apply a touch of it to my cheekbones.

Of course, I drink my liter and a half of water and detox herbal tea every day. I move, I dance, I laugh, I play sports, I walk (if possible in nature for XXL oxygenation). I take ultra hot baths (the steam opens the pores and scares away toxins). I eat healthily (priority is given to fruits, vegetables and whole grains).

Result, I feel clean and fresh. My grain is tightening. My imperfections are competent. The texture of my skin is soft and luminous. Best of all, I'm ready in a few minutes in the morning. A real tornado. So I sleep longer and look more rested. In short, I run in win win mode. I don't want to stop anymore. Come on, just a touch of pink blush to see the effect it has: wouaouh. Never have I been so brilliant. I love. I continue. And you?

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