I have tired eyes

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I have tired eyes

Telework, do you know? This concept which allows us to go directly from breakfast to the small screen without leaving home ...

Work, leisure, meetings, coffee breaks, family reunions and aperitifs with friends, most of our lives now take place through interposed screens. Very practical - and not very romantic - the phenomenon is good, as long as we do not sink into the deep blue of light 2.0, enemy of our glances of embers or azure. Indeed, by dint of staring all day long a rectangle of a few square centimeters, our eyes are in pain. We blink less, which dries out the cornea. Our retinas absorb ultra-energetic blue light in high doses that eventually cause headaches, dry eyes, and if the immersion continues late into the evening, disturbed sleep.

The result: swollen, dark circles, irritated, burning and tight eyes.
6 rules to help your eyes rest :)

1. We equip ourselves with a pair of glasses and / or software that (partially) filters the onslaught of blue light.

2. Every 30 minutes, we take a break. We take down screens and relax our eyes by looking out the window, like the horizon, the little bird on the branch, the lady's umbrella or the pug at the end of his leash, in short, what we can and especially further away, it feels good.

3. Once a day, we treat ourselves to a meditation session focused on eye relaxation. We place our hands like small shells over our closed eyes. We turn them (our eyes) to the left, to the right, upwards, downwards, and we imagine green meadows because this color soothes us as much as it recharges us in well-being.

4. And a sharp hour before bedtime, we stop all contact with our screens (social networks will wait).

5. In the decompression chamber of his bathroom, we take care of the delicate area around the eye.
We slowly remove make-up with mon huilette Cleanse while letting ourselves be lulled by the fragrance of Camomile.
We slide the mon huilette Eyes roller under our lower eyelids, enjoying the feeling of freshness, so that the draining, decongestant and smoothing active ingredients penetrate into the rules of the art.

6. We slip into fresh sheets. We turn off, we fall asleep deliciously, deeply, because sleep is the ultimate beauty and health care for our eyes.