Let's go for a spring cleaning!

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Let's go for a spring cleaning!

My skin is in direct contact with its environment, forced to adapt to each change of season.

While summer and winter are the most drastic and trying times for her, the off-seasons are the most difficult to manage, due to the prevailing instability. When it comes to Spring, it is not uncommon to go seamlessly from morning frosts to scorching solar radiation, then to showers, icy winds and other hailstorms.

What about my skin in all of this? She no longer knows where she is.

Exhausted by the winter which has pumped her vitality, tarnished her complexion and thickened her texture (to protect her from the cold), she must react quickly to the start of the season that is playing with her nerves . Suffice to say that there are misses. To help it gradually rebalance itself in the face of climatic roller coasters, nothing beats an ultra-gentle daily cleansing, which preserves the protective skin flora, while allowing it to oxygenate itself, to regain its transparency, its energy and its radiance.

Les huilettes program - Spring cleaning.

1.- I drain my tissues by light pressure on my temples, behind my ears at neck height and at the inner corner of my eyes at the level of the brow bone.

2.- Several times a day, I pinch (gently) my forehead, my cheekbones and my chin to boost collagen production and revitalize my tissues.

3.- I add a lemon juice to my liter and a half of water daily for top hydration and an ultra fresh complexion.

4.- I bite into seasonal delicacies without moderation to recharge myself with vitamins and strengthen my immunity before attacking the hot season. Kiwi, grapefruit, spinach, asparagus: some tasty aromas - among many others - at the start of spring.

5.- I especially do not let go of my sports sessions which accelerate the evacuation of the impurities accumulated during the cocooning season, if possible during the day and in an outdoor environment to fill up with vitamin D .

6.- I treat myself to a "homemade" facial sauna session to push my toxins out and cleanse my pores: a bowl of ultra hot water, a towel on my head and with your eyes closed, you're done. I conclude with an invigorating face rinse with cold water.

7.- In the evening, I massage my face from the inside to the outside with mon huilette Cleanse, which slips between my pores to purify my skin, regenerate it and illuminate it .

8.- I only authorize les huilettes extra mild soap to clean my skin, because it perfectly respects my protective skin microbiota.

9.- And, once a week, I erase my face and my body with mon huilette scrub, to remove my dead skin with extreme softness while giving my skin a protective film .

Come on, take her prettiest ultra-soft reusable washable wipe les huilettes, and let's get started!