The power of oils

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The power of oils

Botanical oils, essential oils, what are the benefits?

Did you know that oils are your skin's best allies?
Nourishing, plumping, smoothing ... and many other virtues. You still have to choose them well!

Why integrate them into your beauty routine?

1. Which oils in your beauty routine?
The use of oils has a long-term effect on the quality of the skin.
- For this, we prefer virgin vegetable oils (and non-petrochemical or processed), which will be easily absorbed and provide nutrition and protection.
- Avoid comedogenic oils, especially on oily skin prone to acne, which will create pimples, blackheads ... rather towards Hemp, Argan or Jojoba oils.

2. Virtues 100% active on the skin.
les huilettes, perfect synergies of essential oils and botanicals oils to guarantee a tolerance tested under dermatological control and an effectiveness validated by clinical tests.

3. The benefits of massage.
With les huilettes in its beauty routine, we focus on massage and facial Yoga: gift gestures for smooth, plump and radiant skin.

Why are huilettes unique?

1. Organic, vegan and made in France formulas.
les huilettes are created by Pascale Gal -Doctor in pharmacy and aromatherapist- in our integrated laboratory in Suresnes.

2. les huilettes, good for the skin and the soul.
Thanks to their unique composition, les huilettes provide nutrition and glow but also energy or letting go.

If you want to know more about oils and les huilettes visit our YouTube channel les huilettes.