What treatment for acne?

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What treatment for acne?

In case of severe acne and under treatment, the keys to preserving your skin.

Many of you ask us how to support young people and help them with their skin problems.

Acne is a disorder, probably genetically determined, of the pilosebaceous follicle. Acne is a very frequent reason for consultation: it affects nearly 70% of adolescents. It is in adolescence that lesions appear affecting the face, chest and back.

Faced with severe acne, young people will be tempted by drug treatment. This choice is personal and is up to everyone. To accompany this treatment which reduces pimples but also dries out the skin and all the mucous membranes enormously, there is an effective natural solution to regulate sebum, relieve unwanted effects and regain healthy skin.

Here is the ideal dosage, according to Pascale Gal, Doctor of Pharmacy:

In the evening: cleanse without drying out, nourish for the night and soothe very dry areas
Start with a gentle cleansing with mon huilette Cleanse and its wipe soaked in lukewarm water, then apply a few drops of Sensitive all over the face. The idea is to soothe the sensations of skin pulling and nourish, to replenish the skin at night. Finish with a thick dab of Rescue on the lips to calm any chapping.

In the morning: protect and soothe
The skin is rested after the night, no need to clean it, it would attack it again. Prefer rinsing with clear water, finish with a few drops of Sensitive to soothe and protect the skin from external aggressions.

And above all, be patient, also take care of your lifestyle (we banish sugar and we do not skimp on sport), do not use abrasive cosmetic products (micellar water type ...) which will give you the impression of cleaning but will only attack your skin even more with an overproduction of sebum, and will cause even more pimples ...