What beauty routine during menopause?

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What beauty routine during menopause?

Hormonal upheaval and impact on the skin ... what to do?

Menopause evokes a great hormonal upheaval that is not always easy to live with .... Stopping the production of reproductive hormones, progesterone and estrogen, has visible consequences on the skin. It is drier, less toned, the complexion is duller ... This natural phenomenon affects French women on average around the age of 50.

How to better live this delicate period with the advice of Pascale Gal, Doctor of Pharmacy:

- Review your daily beauty routine, playing on maximum hydration and nutrition.
It's time to add a protective booster serum during the day and smoothing at night to your cream. These serums will make it possible to combine targeted anti-aging effects and deep nutrition.
- Remove make-up delicately, without surfactants, and avoid abrasive treatments,
- Exfoliate twice a week,
- Also think about making cures of food supplements "beautiful skin" to promote radiance,

- Avoid make-up "which marks", favor a cc cream or a tinted cream in small touches to camouflage blemishes and dark spots.

- Never forget your sun protection again, from March to October, in sunny regions, in order to avoid further skin damage (acceleration of aging, deeper wrinkles, pigment spots, etc.).

- And also drink lots of water, eat healthily (and in particular oily fish, rich in omega-3s and oilseeds, almonds, hazelnuts ...)

- Move, play sports and smile!