Oops... I have had too much sun:)

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Oops... I have had too much sun:)

A sunburn can quickly ruin our vacations... Our solution with les huilettes.

Despite all our advice to prepare your skin for sun exposure, you still got sunburned? Don't panic, these things happen. However, we wouldn't want that sunburn to take too long to go away! So adopt the after-sun les huilettes routine to say bye-bye to sunburn and deeply soothe the skin.

Remedy number 1: soothe with Sensitive
Do you have bright red cheeks? Sensitive is an ALL-IN-ONE oil that nourishes and soothes sensitive skin. Its composition, free of essential oils and rich in complementary omegas, makes it particularly suitable for after-sun repair. It will also be ideal at the beginning of the school year to regenerate the skin. Put a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage the parts of the body and/or face that need it. Immediate relief guaranteed!

Remedy number 2: moisturize with Cream
Your skin wants only one thing after a sunburn: to be moisturized. For this, Cream will be your best ally. It is a universal emulsion designed without perfume to moisturize the most fragile and sensitive skin in complete safety. Its 100% natural formula offers a selection of active ingredients for nourished and plumped skin. Without essential oils, Cream is particularly adapted to the skins attacked by the sun. For a very fresh effect on the skin, do not hesitate to place it in the refrigerator, your skin will thank us! You can also apply Cream as a face mask during 10 minutes, and in mix and match with Sensitive: mix in the palm of your hand a dab of Cream and a few drops of Sensitive. Apply generously before going to bed. The next day, redness will already be soothed.

Remedy number 3: no more exposure. This goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway
To always have in your bag after a sunburn: SPF 50 sunscreen to avoid aggravating the situation, a hat to protect yourself, and Sensitive and Cream to say goodbye to sunburns that happened too quickly this summer. Have nice holidays ;)

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