Dream hair for summer

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Dream hair for summer

A 3-step hair routine to keep your hair beautiful all summer long

With the sun, sea salt and chlorine, our hair will be put to the test. They need to be pampered with suitable and effective products: here is our Les Huilettes hair routine in 3 steps, as well as little tips just for you, for dream hair this summer!

Step 1 - we prepare the ground with a dietary supplement treatment
A beautiful hair depends above all on a good diet. So this summer, we favor foods such as fish, red fruits and salads for healthy hair (and body).
For even more effectiveness, complete with a cure and the Hair cure. It is a 100% natural food supplement cure that will nourish the hair fiber from the inside. Two capsules a day to be taken morning or evening, and you're done! It strengthens, it helps regrowth and in a month, we will start to see the results!

Step 2 - from now on, nourish your lengths and ends
Once a week, treat yourself to an oil bath to deeply nourish the scalp and hair .
Then after the shower, on damp and/or dry hair, apply a nourishing and beautifying serum to the lengths and ends.
The Hair serum, two-in-one treatment, offers this dual use, for maximum nutrition and shine.
Small tips: this serum can also be used before sun exposure to avoid drying out, and after exposure for daily use to repair your hair.

Step 3 - for the summer, wash your hair gently
The first step after bathing in the sea is to wash your scalp. It needs to be nourished and soothed.
In nomadic mode and 0 waste, we opt for our Soothing solid shampoo. A real space saver in an already too full suitcase!
Small tips: avoid washing your hair every day. We recommend rinsing with clear water when they do not need to be washed, so as not to damage them.

To find out more, discover Karine Grandval's good advice on her hair routine.

So this minimalist hair routine?
We already have it in our suitcase!

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