Dream hair for summer

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Dream hair for summer

A 3-step hair routine to keep your hair beautiful all summer long

With the sun, sea salt and chlorine, our hair is put to the test! They need to be pampered with adapted and efficient products: here is our 3-step hair routine, as well as little tips just for you, to get your dream hair this summer!

Step 1: wash your hair gently
The first step after a sea bath is to wash your scalp. It needs to be nourished and soothed, that's why we opt for our soothing solid shampoo. It will clean your scalp gently while fortifying it from the root. Moreover, its nomadic size allows you to take it everywhere with you on vacation. A real space saver in an already overflowing suitcase! Little tip: avoid washing your hair every day. Instead, rinse with clear water when you don't need to wash your hair, to avoid damaging it.

Step 2: nourish your lengths and ends
After the shower, on wet and/or dry hair, apply a nourishing serum on our lengths and ends. For very dry hair, also use our Hair serum in an oil bath before shampooing, for maximum nutrition and shine. A little tip: use it before sun exposure to prevent dryness, and after exposure to repair your hair on a daily basis. It's a real Swiss army knife to use as many times as you like during the day!

Step 3: use food supplements
Beautiful hair depends above all on a good diet. So this summer, we're focusing on foods like fish, red fruits and salads for healthy hair (and body). For even more efficiency, we use ma cure Hair. This is a cure of food supplements that will nourish the hair fiber from the inside. Two capsules a day to be taken in the morning or evening, and it's done!

So, have you adopted this minimalist hair routine? For us, we already have it in our suitcase!