Shall we do a detox?

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Shall we do a detox?

It's back-to-work time, the perfect time to get back on track with a detox

We got a good tan this summer, but let's face it, we ate well. Ice creams, French fries, wine etc. The excesses have left some traces, and it shows! Let's start a detox together? We really need it... #guilty

Let's start with ma cure Detox: a cure of food supplements that helps to boost circulation and re-oxygenate tissues so that the skin regains its natural radiance. And yes, when we eat too much, it shows on our skin with small imperfections. (we admit it, we didn't feel like eating light this summer). Once a day, with a big glass of water to eliminate toxins, two capsules of ma cure Detox during 3 months. And right now, for two cures bought, we offer you the third one. No more excuses to detox!

If you have slight imperfections or a blurred complexion, use 2 to 3 drops of DAY every morning. This serum reduces imperfections, restores radiance and protects against external aggressions. It's everything we need! Combined with ma cure Detox, say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a fresh complexion.

We also favour a balanced diet: we eat seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish and salads. Be careful, you should not deprive yourself. For this, we recommend the instagram page @eatingorbeauty.eb . With her holistic approach to food, Emmanuelle will give you multiple tips to eat better while enjoying yourself. Her great ebook Anti-Aging Routine is also there to help you, with recipes and tips for a fit body.

Finally, we practice a sport that we love. Whether it's yoga, zumba, or running: as long as we expend energy and sweat to eradicate the little fat rolls that took place, we say YES!

So, motivated for this detox?