Holistique & Les Huilettes

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Holistique & Les Huilettes

At les Huilettes, we are convinced that beauty is a holistic approach. Yes but why? and how?

OK, OK, but what does holistic beauty really mean?

Let's look at the dictionary.
Philosophy. Which concerns holism, doctrine considering objects, concepts as belonging to a whole.
Example: A holistic therapy, a holistic approach.
Synonym: total, global, general.
Contrary: distinct, particular, proper.

The term holistic comes from the Greek "holos" which means "whole" and "therapeia" which translates as "care". The holistic approach seeks to act on the different levels of organization of the human being, whether body or mind, in order to keep it healthy and healthy.
Thus, beauty holistic corresponds to a 360 vision of beauty and apprehends well-being as a whole - body, mind and soul. Take care of yourself at all levels: promote a healthy and balanced diet, practice a physical activity that feels good, start meditating, get enough sleep, treat yourself to clean cosmetics with minimalist formulas (oilettes!).
Pascale also likes to think that in holistic, there is the holy, the sacred, the party of colors... but that's because she lived in India!!

Among our addicted Huilettes, many women have a very holistic approach to beauty...
Céline is a facialist. For her, the gesture is the continuation of the soul... She likes to massage people to make them feel good, and finds that "Massaging your face is a gesture of conscious gratitude".
Cindy is a holistic naturopath and aromatologist. His motorcycle? Always stay connected to nature!
Anne, urban shaman and therapist, works with indigenous peoples for the preservation of Nature: "Supporting these guardians is supporting all of life."

A beauty that connects the body to the spirit, we say yes yes yes!