How to soothe my sensitive skin?

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How to soothe my sensitive skin?

Influencer MarieDrew's opinion on Sensitive Serum and Cream Emulsion


The Sensitive range is the perfect combo to soothe sensitive skin on a daily basis. The all-in-one SENSITIVE serum is rich in Sea Buckthorn to facilitate cell regeneration and in Camelina to soothe and soften the skin. Its little extra: a formula rich in beta carotene for an immediate healthy glow! As for the Universal CREAM emulsion, it is formulated without perfume or essential oils, which makes it the perfect ally for sensitive skin and adapted to life's delicate moments. So how do you use them properly? Marie tells us all about her use of the Sensitive range.

1- The SENSITIVE serum in oil
What's great about this serum is mainly its active ingredients, notably the presence of omega 7 which facilitates healing, natural retinol from Calendula and beta carotene for Vitamin A which prepares the skin for the sun, ideal for the beautiful days to come! A few drops in the morning and evening and you're done, enjoying the benefits of the serum while giving yourself a little time to yourself by massaging your face.

2- The universal emulsion CREAM
The universal emulsion CREAM is perfect for moisturising the skin on a daily basis but also for taking advantage of its anti-ageing benefits thanks to hyaluronic acid, which is recommended from the age of 25 onwards to take care of the skin over the years. Its texture is very pleasant to apply and leaves the skin soft to start the day.

The must: Mix & Match use
Marie reveals her beauty tip: mix & match the two products! A few drops of SENSITIVE with a dab of CREAM to get the benefits of both products. It's the perfect treatment for skin that wants moisture and nutrition at once.

What I love about Les huilettes is that they are 100% active formulations with no unnecessary additives and on top of that they are super effective! My skin is more hydrated and softer and I feel it day after day...

Sensitive and aggressed skin? The Sensitive range is waiting for you!

The link to the YouTube video is here!