Omegas and Unsaponifiables

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Omegas and Unsaponifiables

Essential in your beauty routine, yes, but why?

A serum-in-oil in your beauty routine offers your skin two magical active ingredients: Omegas and Unsaponifiables...
All you need to know about their benefits.

These famous “good fatty acids” absorbed by the skin and which deeply nourish it. Each omega has a different action.
- Omega 3 is soothing and anti-inflammatory. You find it in Hemp oil and DAY serum-in-oil, to treat small imperfections. - Omega 7 allows regeneration and healing. They are found in Sea Buckthorn oil and our all-in-one SENSITIVE oil.

- Vitamin E has an anti-oxidant and anti-aging action. Present in Prickly Pear oil and NIGHT anti-aging serum.
- Beta-carotene participates in cell renewal and provides an immediate healthy glow. To be found in SENSITIVE.
These famous unsaponifiables are in all high quality, unprocessed vegetable oils.