mon huilette Body, Juliette's favorite

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mon huilette Body, Juliette's favorite

Juliette is the founder of Oh My Cream! a new generation of beauty brands which gives pride to cleaner and more efficient brands.

”I'm going to make a confession to you: I never managed to apply a body care daily, so the day we received the oil products, I threw myself on the face products and I let the others test mon Huilette Body. And then by dint of hearing this product being praised by all the open space, I told myself that I still had to give it a chance. I took him home and I was completely blown away.

It is the first time that I have a body treatment that mixes nutrition and lightness as well. Nutrition because it contains extremely rich vegetable oils. The texture is very very creamy and yet it penetrates incredibly quickly, it is quite impressive!
Its smell of very fresh grapefruit, gives me pleasure to massage it out of the shower. It is a very easy product and very pleasant to use.

Its two small bonuses? It is because it contains firming essential oils and at the approach of 30 years, it is an action that I research in a body product. Finally, it is rich in very draining and very invigorating essential oils, which makes it an ideal product to fight against orange peel and possible cellulite. ”

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