Why preparing your skin for the night?

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Why preparing your skin for the night?

In the evening, removing make-up and cleaning your skin well will allow it to breathe as well as possible and work during the night to regenerate it.

Make-up removal is essential!
During the day, the skin works to fight against external aggressions; at night, it can eliminate toxins and recharge its batteries.

Don't forget to clean your skin well in the evening before going to bed.
It is at night that the skin cells regenerate, that the microcirculation of blood in the small vessels is activated, this which allows better oxygenation and proper cell renewal.
Clean, the skin is also more permeable, it can better assimilate the penetration of active ingredients and eliminate toxins.

For a radiant complexion, we offer you a 3-step routine.

Step 1 - CLEANSE makeup remover
The objective is to eliminate impurities surface areas accumulated during the day with an oily cleaning product because grease attracts grease. A few pressures in the palm of the hand, we heat and use the fingers for gentle massages...
In contact with Cleanse, makeup and pollution adhere to the lipids of the oil to dissolve. Using an oil helps remove excess sebum without altering the skin barrier. Finish by removing the excess with a cotton cloth soaked in lukewarm water.
Discover makeup removal with Cleanse in video

Step 2 - Extra-gentle soap 
Once the skin has been cleared of impurities using the oil, the objective is to use an aqueous product to complete the cleansing. This second step removes the last impurities and dead cells. Soap and lather the soap with the oils in your hands then massage the entire face before rinsing it with water. This soap does not dry out, no more feelings of tightness, the skin is clean and soft!

Step 3 - MIST moisturizing mist
To complete the cleansing and bring a feeling of freshness, complete with a few squeezes of MIST.
Unique, it offers triple anti-stress protection:
- Water stress thanks to its patented active ingredient derived from Birch sugars which boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and ceramides 1 & 2 (+40% immediate hydration*),
- Oxidative stress thanks to its upcycled Lavender polyphenols which block the production of free radicals from pollution by up to -50%**,
- Cellular stress which stimulates melanin thanks to Sea Lily which evens out the complexion and reduces spots by up to - 60%**.

You and your skin are ready for a good night's rest!