Cryo Spoons - Les Huilettes
Cryo Spoons - Les Huilettes
Cryo Spoons - Les Huilettes
Cryo Spoons - Les Huilettes
Céline Nanot - Les Huilettes
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Cryo Spoons - Les Huilettes

Cryo Spoons

In partnership with Céline Nanot, Facialist, who reveals the essential gestures.

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Skin type
All skins type.
Skin radiance & tone.
Prevention of skin aging.

Cryo Spoons are essential accessories to offer you a Cryotherapy session at home.

Cryotherapy (cold therapy)
- Improves the texture of the skin
- Stimulates the production of natural collagen
- Tones and firms the skin tissues
- Boosts blood and lymphatic circulation
- Soothes redness, reduces inflammation (acne, rosacea.)
- Tightens pores
- Promotes complexion radiance
- Decongests the eye area
- Reduces and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

On clean skin, after applying a serum such as Day, Night, Sensitive or Cleanse, use your two Cryo Spoons, with gentle massages.

The Forehead 
Glide the Cryo Spoons, smoothing from the inside out, about ten times.
The Eyebrows
Smooth, with the edge of the Spoon, along the eyebrow line to sculpt upwards, stopping at the tip of the arch.
The Eye Contour
Gently press to decongest dark circles and puffiness, smooth the entire eye contour.
The Cheekbones
Sculpt from the nose, under the cheekbones then up towards the ears. A profound gesture, with the image of a spoon shaping a scoop of ice cream.
The jaw and the oval of the face
Relax tension in the jaw with pressing in circular motions. Sculpt and smooth from the chin to the ears.
The neck
Perform drainage by smoothing from the top to the bottom of the neck to the décolleté, about ten times.

After use, rinse with soap and water after use, dry and put them back in the freezer.