Stay at home

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Stay at home

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, we all have to make difficult but necessary decisions, given the gravity of the situation. Our activity, like that of all companies in France and in the affected countries, will be strongly impacted.

Here is the time to get back to basics, to confine oneself certainly, but also to take care of our loved ones, our children, our neighbors, our parents ... often from afar and by phone, but in being present. We wanted to share with you our organization at les huilettes ... to keep moving forward, while respecting safety measures.

The whole team is warm at home, in family mode, in the Paris region, in Montpellier or in Brittany! We remain available at and we will respond to you on social media, as usual.

Our showroom and offices on rue Emile Duclaux in Suresnes are closed. All care the oils in our cabin are postponed.

Our eshop continues to operate and thank you in advance to all those who will support us by ordering their adorable oils! In France, only Colissimo delivery without signature is offered to minimize contact. Delivery times may be a bit longer, think of postmen. Of course, all of your packages are prepared in accordance with health and safety rules. We have decided to bear the shipping costs: they will be offered for all your orders for France during this confinement period. Good luck to everyone during this period of confinement.

Let us find in us the resources to do otherwise and live other experiences. It is certainly the opportunity to take a break, to take a little more time ... to have another look at our life.

Take care of yourself, take care of us,
And above all, let's not forget all those who work in hospitals.

Claire and Pascale