What good and bad habits for my skin?

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What good and bad habits for my skin?

Small list to keep in mind of everything you need to do to stay beautiful naturally and for as long as possible!

List of good habits
- I regularly drink water and / or herbal teas. I avoid coffees and teas.
- I pay attention to what I eat: fruits, vegetables, omega-rich foods.
- I supplement my diet with food supplements, antioxidants, vitamin A and D.
- I protect my skin from external aggressions with a serum before applying makeup.
- I add a cream with an SPF or sunscreen if I expose myself to the sun.
- In the evening, I clean my face and I remove make up.
- Before going to bed, I apply a night care and I offer myself two minutes for a massage. I take time to relax and to breathe.

And that of what not to do anymore
- Going out in the morning without protecting your skin from all the external aggressions,
- Exposing your skin to the sun without sun protection, between 12h and 15h, or after waxing.
- Perfume your skin or face.
- Do not remove make-up or clean your face before going to bed.

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