« I particularly like mon huilette Day. »

Publié le : 03/26/2019 16:59:13
Audrey , our tribe

« I particularly like mon huilette Day. »


Cosmetics ... it speaks to me!

It started with makeup. Very young, I spent hours in front of the very first tutorials on YouTube ... After a year in law school, I chose to listen to my real desires to resume studies of aesthetics. I discovered face and body care; for 3 years, I loved discovering cosmetics, their particularities, their perfumes, their textures.
After a BTS of aesthetics, I decided to specialize in business and management with alternating training.

I am Vegan and very picky about my consumption, for my food but also in cosmetics.
With les huilettes, I have found the rare pearl, the nugget ... the chic French cosmetics, and a real efficiency! Real oils, essential and vegetable, a true ethic, a pure moment of happiness ...

I particularly like mon huilette Day, for its fine texture and smell "peps"!
It nourishes the skin deeply, brings comfort, hydration and suppleness.

This is the only one range I use today, and I will never leave it. It's a perfection, thank you Claire & Pascale :)