« les huilettes are my exception. They are a moment just for myself. »

Publié le : 01/15/2019 08:16:41
Charlotte , our tribe

« les huilettes are my exception. They are a moment just for myself. »


Student in a business school

Between rugby, friends, classes and travel, I have a busy life! And at barely 20 years old, I am looking forward to the next move...

Since I was little, my parents have made me travel a lot, and I will never thank them enough for that. I was able to discover unique places and people. I will never forget my summers on the roads, in the motorhome! My dad gave me his passion for the sport, and nothing beats those moments when we end up kiting together on the other side of the world.

I think it's this side a little "roots" that I have never really taken care of my skin. I have never had a real cosmetic vanity bag on the road, or had a favorite cream ... Cosmetics? For me, it's Chinese! les huilettes, that's my exception. This is my moment to me, it's an intimate moment that I give yo myself at night, it's a little bubble of sweetness after busy days. I can not wait to go to bed to enjoy this ritual! First I use Cleanse, with its smell and its particular delicacy, that I apply by massaging my face with the fingers (and hop, 0 garbage during my make-up, who says better?!). Then, I close my eyes and leave mon huilette Night to soothe ... and soothe my skin. 

I only have one word: thank you!