« les huilettes… my essentials ! »

Publié le : 06/01/2019 10:28:39
Charlotte , our tribe

 « les huilettes… my essentials ! »


I was the first to apply creams and creams ... until I discovered the power of oils with les huilettes, the must of perfection!

Lawyer, I now wish to pursue marketing studies to obtain a dual degree.
As for activities, I do yoga to refocus, badminton to spend and I especially like traveling. The time of a weekend, or vacation, nearby or further, I am curious and I like to always make new discoveries.

I like to take care of my skin and I pay attention to what I consume, so it is a real crush on these effective, natural and made in France cosmetics. I am totally fan of the whole range, and I can not part with mon huilette Day and mon huilette Night . This magic combo never leaves my daily life, it follows me everywhere.

In the morning, I apply mon huilette Day before my makeup, it brings me a deep hydration without shine my skin. In the evening, I give myself a real moment of well-being with mon huilette Night: awakening my skin is very soft and radiant.

Last but not least: the time of a few minutes, you let yourself go on an olfactory journey with psycho-sensory benefits! Indispensable and irreplaceable! Thank you les huilettes!