« I love this green chic made in France initiative »

Publié le : 01/10/2019 18:25:00
Bénédicte , our tribe

« I love this green chic made in France initiative »


With les huilettes, I discovered a new ritual of care. I like everything, the name, the smell, the texture, I'm a fan! With les huilettes, we take care of ourselves. The balance soul, body, spirit, is important for me. This ritual les huilettes, I find it inspiring and comforting ...

Always in investigation and in search of innovation in cosmetics, I greet this initiative "green chic made in France".

Yes huilettes addicted! Since the first day ... The first contact with the name touched me, "les huilettes", I found it so cute, it rhymes with coquette, with proprette .... In any case, it is evocative of positive thoughts. The first encounter with the product has finished seducing me: small bottle, super practical, I was conquered by the texture, the smell, the material that works under the fingers. In short, yes, I became huilettes addicted, and thanks to les huilettes, I went from a mechanical gesture to a conscience to nourish my skin. Thank you!