« It's all me. It's for me. I am fan, fan, fan! »

Publié le : 07/18/2018 18:49:31
Armelle , our tribe

« It's all me. It's for me. I am fan, fan, fan! »


I am quite a simple girl. I love my little corner of Brittany, wild nature, iodine and wind. I'm surfing, it's good. 
And Yoga. 

It empties my head, I become aware of my body, I model it, I let go. It's just essential to my life.

As for nutrition, I am resolutely organic, detox juices, raw food. I have healthy pleasures.

I often stick in the french 'bobo' box : I am Parisian, artist, I like small pointed brands, I am found of Colette, Merci and Bonton ... It must be beautiful, green, and especially not over seen!

But I believe that I am above all an esthete, in search of experiences and authenticity

When I discovered les huilettes, I immediately hung. The trendy design, sober and clean, essential oils and vegetable oils, Organic and Vegan. 

It's all me. It's for me. I am fan, fan, fan! 
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