« Félicie, yoginise + les huilettes = love »

Publié le : 07/18/2018 18:06:08
Félicie , our tribe

« Félicie, yoginise + les huilettes = love »


Yoga teacher, life coach & feel good seminars


After four years in strategy and finance, I realized that my activities did not make sense for me anymore. Thn discovering yoga, I immediately made of this discipline a daily practice.

At first, I needed to maltreat my ego, "you do not even know how to make peacocks!" Then I learned what yoga teaches: be more gentle with myself, dissociate what my body does to what I really am.

I have found a discipline where we can improve, go beyond, and accept ourselves as we are. I wanted to share it with others. I give some classes in the 19th arrondissement in Paris and I organize retreats of "yoga, fasting & hiking", "yoga, vegan & hiking".

I think I'm FAN number 1 of les huilettes! My first contact was during a yoga class. The beautiful scents accompanied me during this course and I told myself "I want to know more about this product and why it is so special!" I quickly realized that beyond a product, it was born from a friendship.

It is this dimension that also makes Félicieyoginise + huilettes = love