les huilettes at colette Paris!

Publié le : 02/25/2017 15:29:27
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les huilettes at colette Paris!

take a sneak peek at les huilettes, a new brand for slow cosmetics lovers

a complete range of 100% botanical care x 100% active, organic x vegan

-complete oils for the face and body that are self-sufficient and do not require anything else
-effective active ingredients selected for their specific cosmetic benefits: anti-aging protection, anti-aging smoothing or nutrition
-aromatherapy formulations with recognized psycho-sensory benefits: energy, letting go or lightness
-travel-friendly formats suited to today's world, because we all dream of going on a weekend getaway with a small toiletries kit
-a committed approach, slow beauty, for alternative consumption by doing good to oneself and to the planet

find us at colette Paris, 213 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris and www.colette.fr