« I am amazed every day by their effect »

Publié le : 07/18/2018 18:45:35
Nathalie , our tribe

« I am amazed every day by their effect »


I am Nathalie and I live in Montpellier. After 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and the successful launch, with Dominique, my husband, of our company in the field of health, I offer myself the luxury of not working at this time. I volunteer to coach unemployed women over the age of 45, through the "Force Femmes" association..

And as I aim for congruence, serenity and happiness, I do yoga, a little cardio, walking, I swim regularly and I meditate every day when I wake up. On weekends, we often go in the countryside to ride electric mountain bikes with my husband, we love to discover small country roads. I love dancing too! I have been eating organic and / or local for 10 years, to promote small natural producers in my area. I also love getting away from home, traveling and discovering new countries, beings and ways of life different from ours. It's a passion..

I discovered les huilettes through one of the two founders, my old friend, Pascale. I am amazed every day by their effect. My skin is well hydrated, does not shine and my complexion is clear despite my soon 53 years! The eye contour roll on is perfect and the ball refreshes this sensitive area, it's great.