« I was seduced by the texture, the smell and its performance. »

Publié le : 12/25/2018 16:04:22
our tribe , Sylvie

« I was seduced by the texture, the smell and its performance. »


Chief Editor of Saveurs Magazine

I have always attached as much importance to my diet as to my beauty products.
For me, both are intimately linked. To feel good, to be fit, to walk with a smile while being sure of myself, I must give my body and my skin what they need.

In the kitchen, I'm spoiled. I know how to please and do me good. As for beauty, it's different, I do not have the same mastery. I tested creams, oils and serums ... Some I liked to the bottom of the pot (rarely) and others I have not even finished the tube. But I never went back to a shop saying "I would like the same".

Then, I had the chance to test mon huilette Eyes. I was seduced from the first days by the texture, the smell (I'm so addict that I breathe it before sliding the tip delicately under my eyes), and the performance of the product. The results are there, clearly visible.

I feel so good in the morning when I moisturize with mon huilette Day and in the evening, it's like a veil of serenity before going to bed. My friends in front of my complexion and my well-nourished skin even qualified me as "inoxyable".

I just love it !