« Pure, true, essential products... to make me beautiful! »

Publié le : 07/18/2018 19:02:15
our tribe , Valérie

« Pure, true, essential products... to make me beautiful! »


I am 46 years old. A half life behind me!

Married and mother of 3 children (15, 13 and 8), Parisian adoption but long-time expatriated, I am urban and curious, globetrotter and polyglot, intuitive and creative. A little bit super active. 
But above all blossomed and well anchored.

From my many lives in France, Brazil, Spain, China and Morocco, from all these places visited, these rich and varied encounters, I realize today that I have kept only the essential.

And all I want, what I seek now, I know, is True. Relations without blush and without detours, meaningful projects. Write to share, listen to guide and advise, move forward and move forward.

For my beauty rituals, les huilettes have imposed themselves as obvious. The concept, the product... pure, true, essential... to make me beautiful! 

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