Do you ship les huilettes in Europe? 
Yes, you can receive your huilettes in most countries in Europe. But not yet in the whole world;)
You can buy from : they ship worldwide.

4,90 € of postage for a small bottle, it is expensive ...
This includes postal charges and all the attention we have paid to the preparation of your package. Do not hesitate to add a second huilette to your basket... the shipping costs for France are free for two products!

There is a white deposit in the bottle of mon huilette Cleanse ?
mon huilette Cleanse is formulated with virgin coconut, jojoba and olive vegetable oils. These specific oils freeze when the temperature drops below 10-15°C, a phenomenon that occurs frequently in winter. This phenomenon does not affect the quality of mon huilette Cleanse. Little trick to regain transparency? Immerse mon huilette Cleanse in a glass jar filled with hot water about ten minutes (bain-marie) or put it under hot tap water until the deposit dissolves.

What precautions should I take to make mes huilettes travel?
Remember to screw the cap of mon huilette, if a little oil has remained on the edge of the collar, there may be a mechanical effect that automatically "unscrews" the cap ... So better to check twice! We also advise you to place your huilettes in a small plastic bag if you fly to make sure you do not stain your clothes.