Are the products suitable for pregnant women?
Do all the Huilettes contain essential oils?
All products in the SENSITIVE range are suitable for pregnant women because they are formulated without essential oils or allergens. This range includes the universal emulsion CREAM, all-in-one SENSITIVE oil and our extra-mild soap.
Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control, the products in the Sensitive range are recommended for reactive skin and in the delicate moments of life: pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies.
This range is also ideal for hyper-sensitive and very damaged skin.

Are Les Huilettes suitable for men?
The anti-blemish serum DAY is suitable for male skin because its light texture penetrates very quickly.
It is ideal for after-shave care because its formula contains hemp vegetable oil with anti-inflammatory properties, so soothing after razor burn...
Its aromatic fragrance is fresh and invigorating.

€4.90 shipping costs for a small bottle, it's expensive...
The shipping costs appear in my basket even though I ordered more than 45 euros (and that I want to be delivered to France)?
Can Les Huilettes be shipped to Europe? and in the World?
Participation in shipping costs includes postage and all the attention we have paid to the preparation of your package. Do not hesitate to add a second Huilette to your basket... the shipping costs for France are then free. Shipping costs may appear in your cart, but they are deducted at checkout.
You can receive your Huilettes throughout Europe (shipping costs €9.90).
For delivery in other countries, we recommend the sites of our partners moncornerB or Smallable, which ship worldwide.

What precautions should I take to transport my Huilettes?
Remember to screw the cap of your Huilette back on, if a little oil has remained on the edge of the neck, there will be may be a mechanical effect that automatically "unscrews" the cap... So better check twice! We also recommend that you place your Huilettes in a small plastic bag if you are flying to be sure not to stain your clothes.

What to do in the event of an allergic reaction to a product ?
I had an allergic reaction to one of your products, what should I do?
It is unlikely because all of our products are tested under dermatological control. In the event of a reaction, please write to us at and explain the concerns encountered. We will contact you as soon as possible and put you in touch with our referring doctor if necessary.

I see a white deposit or white flakes in the bottle of my make-up remover CLEANSE ?
CLEANSE is formulated with virgin vegetable oils of Coconut, Jojoba and Olive. These specific oils congeal when the temperature drops below 10-15°C, a phenomenon that frequently occurs in winter. This phenomenon does not affect the quality of Cleanse in any way. Little trick to regain its transparency? Immerse the bottle in a glass jar filled with hot water for ten minutes (bain marie) or put it under hot tap water until the deposit dissolves.

I bought a Les Huilettes product last year, can I still use it?
It all depends on whether you opened your bottle or not... If the bottle has not been opened, you can use your Huilette up to 30 months after purchase. Once the product is opened, you must use it within 6 months after opening.