Food supplement Ma Cure Protect
Food supplement Ma Cure Protect
Food supplement Ma Cure Protect
Food supplement Ma Cure Protect

Anti-Aggression Cure

ma cure Protect

Protects from external aggressions
Prepare the skin for sun exposure

Skin type
All skin types.
Slight imperfections, first wrinkles.
Boosts antioxidant defenses up to 63%.

ma cure Protect is a food supplement cure to help protecting the skin from external aggressions (sun, pollution).

• Prevents the formation of millions of free radicals
• Reduces inflammation
• Protects the skin from UV rays and pollution
• Delays cell aging

Every morning when you wake up, a capsule of ma cure Protect with a large glass of water.
A one month-long routine to regain healthy and protected skin.

For more efficiency, take advantage of our offer for a 3-month cure, with 1 month free (56 € instead of 84 €).

ma cure Protect (100% plant-based formula) is an overpowered concentrate of antioxidants that act as a real shield against external aggressions and internal inflammation.
Cure of food supplements rich in SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), from yellow Charentais melons. Micro-encapsulated, SOD prevents the production of millions of free radicals to protect the skin from aging and inflammation.

Melon (fruit) - Cucumis melo. L (200 mg) • Gélule végétale : Hydroxypropylméthylcellulose • Extrait de melon (20 mg ) - Cucumis melo. L - dont SOD (17mg ) • Antiagglomérant : Stéarate de magnésium • Vitamine E (1,84 mg) 15% VNR.

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Bienfaits ma cure Protect

Cette formule végétale est un concentré surpuissant d’antioxydants qui agissent comme un véritable bouclier contre les agressions extérieures et l’inflammation intérieure.

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