Food supplement Ma Cure Detox
Food supplement Ma Cure Detox
Food supplement Ma Cure Detox
Food supplement Ma Cure Detox

Radiance Cure

ma cure Detox

Helps elimination of toxins
and restores glow

Skin type
All skin types.
Dull skin, first wrinkles.
66% of users notice a better quality of their skin complexion.

ma cure Detox is a food supplement cure to boost circulation, re-oxygenate tissues and help the skin to regain its natural glow.

• Chlorella: Micro-algae known for its detoxifying and purifying properties.
• Red Vine: Rich in polyphenols to promote the revival of venous circulation.
• Horse chestnut: Stimulates circulation in micro-blood vessels to better transport micro-nutrients.
• Iron: Promotes the transport of oxygen in the blood for better tissue respiration.

Every night before going to bed, two capsules of ma cure Detox with a large glass of water.
A one month-long routine to regain regenerated skin.

For more efficiency, take advantage of our offer for a 3-month cure, with 1 month free (or 52 € instead of 80 €).

ma cure Detox is a mineral and plant-based formula, rich in Chlorella, Red Vine (polyphenols), Horse chestnut and Iron.
These ingredients are known to purify the tissues, revive the microcirculation and refresh the features.

Chardon Marie (graine) - Silybum marianum (1,35 g) • Marronnier d'Inde (graine) - Aesculus hippocastanum (1,28 g) titré en Aescine • Alchemille (parties aériennes) - Alchemilla vulgaris (1 g) • Vigne rouge (feuille) - Vitis vinifera L. (600 mg) • Gélule végétale: Hydroxypropylméthylcellulose • Chlorella (algue) - Chlorella vulgaris (40 mg) • Sels thermaux de Vichy (40 mg) • Eau de mer (40 mg) • Fer (5 mg) 36% VNR • Antiagglomérant: Stéarate de magnésium

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I detox, yes but why?

Because my first beauty goal is radiance, and because it's good for my body.


Bienfaits ma cure Detox

Cette formule minérale et végétale favorise l’élimination des toxines et relance la circulation dans les micro-vaisseaux: les tissus sont purifiés, réoxygénés et nourris en profondeur.

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