Lightness Infusion
Lightness Infusion
Natural and organic infusion
Lightness Infusion

Lightness Infusion

les huilettes x Infuse

Detox, draining and circulatory actions | 20g


Tired legs and water retention.
Detox & Lightness.

When Pascale meets Geraldine, whom she knew on the benches of the faculty of pharmacy... this inevitably offers a soft and subtle blend of fresh plants and expertise... A selection of plants carefully selected and precisely dosed for maximum efficiency all natural.

Géraldine and Nathalie, two pharmacists herbalists, plants and infusions in bulk, compositions made to measure and according to needs, this is the concept of Infuse in Montpellier.
Together, they selected the The noblest aromatic plants with virtues recognized for their detoxifying and draining benefits.
A cure of this infusion exclusively developed for the huilettes and you will feel much lighter!

• Dandelion,
• Quackgrass,
• Cherry,
• Angelica,
• Ginger,
• Blackcurrant,
• Peppermint,
• Red Vine.

Made with love and expertise.
100% organic ingredients from French producers.
No added aromas.

To have fun, as you wish, one to two cups a day.
For a light treatment, one liter per day for 3 weeks. Allow a week's break between two cures.
Discovery size and 100g sachet for a complete cure of 3 weeks.
To be consumed warm or cold.

Discovery format in a round and recyclable cardboard box of 15g.
Tasting format in 100g recyclable kraft bag.

Preparation tips
Heat the water until it simmers.
Remove from the heat and add the plants. Cover and let infuse 5 to 10 min.

Tasting advice
As you wish, one to two cups a day.
For a light treatment, one liter per day for 3 weeks.
Allow a week's break between two cures.
To be consumed hot or cold.

The benefits of plants,
100% organic ingredients and from French producers.
No added flavors.

Cherry, Blackcurrant and Quackgrass
Promote elimination and drainage through their diuretic action.
The Red Vine
Relieves tired legs by its venotonic and decongestant action.
Angelica and Peppermint
Help digestion and reduce bloating.
Helps fight against colds in winter, acts on tone.
Detoxifying action, ideal for eczema and other skin diseases.

Usage tips

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