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Vitality Infusion

Vitality Infusion

les huilettes x Infuse

For a healthier skin  | 20g

When Pascale finds Géraldine, whom she knew on the benches of the Faculty of Pharmacy... it inevitably gives a soft and subtle blend of fresh plants and expertise... A selection of plants skilfully selected and precisely dosed for maximum natural efficiency.

Géraldine and Nathalie, two herbal pharmacists, plants and infusions in bulk, compositions made to measure and according to needs, this is the concept of Infuse in Montpellier.

Together, they have selected the most noble aromatic plants with virtues recognized for their detoxifying benefits for the skin.
A herbal tea from this infusion exclusively developed for the Huilettes and you will also act on the inside for a skin on top!

• Burdock,
• Fennel,
• Chicory,
• Green anise,
• Marigold,
• Lemon peel ,
• Toasted linen,
• Nettle,
• Cardamom.

Made with love and expertise.

100% organic ingredients from French producers.
No added flavours.

One to two cups a day at any time.