Week-end off - Les Huilettes
Week-end off - Les Huilettes
Week-end off - Les Huilettes

Extended week-end

Soap + SOS Balm
Essentials to slip in your vanity.

Week end prolongé

Soap and SOS balm in Christmas colours!

This set contains:
- A mini extra-gentle soap, for the face OR mini purifying soap, for the body,
- RESCUE, the all-in-one sos balm for everyone, everywhere! With a green sticker for the extra-mild soap and an orange sticker for the purifying soap!

The extra-mild soap cleans and respects the most fragile and sensitive skin. It is therefore perfectly suited for the face.
Surgras formula to preserve the protective hydro-lipid film.

The purifying soap is perfect for hands and body.
Purifying and exfoliating action reinforced by a synergy of active essential oils and Rhassoul powder.

RESCUE is our best-selling balm that does it all. Suitable for face and body, it is the ideal SOS balm to nourish and soothe dry areas. It helps to repair and regenerate the skin (Avocado, True Lavender, Frankincense, Cardamom) and improves its suppleness and elasticity (Argan, Sunflower).

Both soaps are unique Les Huilettes formulas. Made in France by master soap makers. Cold saponification.

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