So solid - Les Huilettes
So solid - Les Huilettes
So solid - Les Huilettes

It's Solid

Soap or solid shampoo
+ recycled plastic box.

C'est du solide

Long live zero waste!
Soap or solid shampoo in a minimalist and eco-designed box by MAMIK.

This set contains:
- A mini extra-mild soap, to gently cleanse the face OR a mini solid shampoo, for supple and protected hair .
- A MAMIK soap box to take everywhere.

The extra-mild soap cleans and respects the most fragile and sensitive skin. For use on the face and body.
Surgras formula to preserve the protective hydro-lipid film. 8.5% glycerin of natural origin with moisturizing properties combined with vegetable oils and organic butters (Olive, Coconut, Castor, Sunflower, Shea, etc.) with nutritive, protective and regenerating properties.
The natural solid shampoo cleanses, strengthens and simplifies styling ((Chicory Extract, Ricin, Aloe Vera). It allows as many washes as with two bottles of liquid shampoo and does not contain sulfated surfactant or synthetic surfactant such as SCI.
The two soaps are unique Les Huilettes formulas. Made in France by master soap makers. Cold saponification.

The MAMIK soap box
is a minimalist and eco-designed object, made in France from recycled materials to reduce plastic waste. Cork base.

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