C like Cypress

Native to southern Europe, the cypress is an evergreen tree that can reach forty meters in height. The cypress has always had a sacred character. In the East, it is the tree of immortality: it symbolizes the link between the earth and the sky. In Babylon, it was the first form of aromatherapy: it was burned to fight against infections. In France, cypress hedges are part of the Mediterranean landscape. They are planted to protect crops from the mistral, especially in the Rhone Valley.

The essential oil of Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) comes from the steam distillation of cypress branches. Thus, the Duffez Distillery, our producer, recovers the branches from the pruning of the trees to extract the precious essential oil.

This oil is known for its tonic, decongestant and circulatory properties. Ideal for massage, it promotes blood circulation, reduces edema and brings a little lightness in the daily life. No more heavy legs or puffiness under the eyes!

Cypress essential oil is traditionally used to fight against venous congestions but is also effective against nervous fatigue, feminine troubles (menstrual pains, menopause) and excessive sweating.

Its characteristic fragrance with woody and amber notes is an invitation to recharge your batteries in complete tranquillity.