our story

our story Pascale et Claire

mon huilette is all about synergies

... synergy between essential and vegetable oils in order to make the most efficient use of these natural essential ingredients
.... synergy with our users, from the very beginning of the development of les huilettes, in order to meet an authentic demand for transparency.
... synergy between Pascale and Claire, a long friendship embellished by time and shaped by strong shared values.

... for a truly committed brand, 100% natural and vegan.

Pascale is a pharmacist and expert in aromatherapy. After many years in conventional cosmetics, she grew tired of greenwashing and was inspired by nature and the richness of its plant resources. Pascale felt the need to offer totally natural care. Claire is a marketing professional who deftly moved to digital. As a marathon-runner, she is endowed with incredible energy and is committed to everything she undertakes. Claire wanted to create a dynamic, to move forward and make things happen.