Pascale met in 1994, in Indonesia.
In 2015, combining their expertise and their experiences, they decided that it was time to start this beautiful adventure of les huilettes.

pascale et claire

Pascale is Doctor in Pharmacy and holds a university degree in aromatherapy. After many years in conventional cosmetics, tired of greenwashing, inspired by nature and the richness of its plant resources, Pascale felt the need to offer totally natural treatments. Different experiences have allowed her to discover many rituals (ayurveda in India, massage in Thailand, or the hammam and rhassoul in Morocco) and little by little, she wished to return to a simpler beauty, essential and without artifice, summed up in a few principles and gestures. 

Claire comes from the world of luxury gastronomy and has launched brands and concepts in France and abroad. Between taste and smell, food and beauty, there is one step she wanted to take with Pascale. They are of course, completely fans of les huilettes that they use daily and without moderation! 

les huilettes, it’s a story of synergy
... a plant synergy between essential oils and vegetable oils to obtain the most effective
... a synergy with our users which are still in the heart of our development, to live in the transparency this return to basics
... a synergy between Pascale and Claire, a long friendship embellished by time and shaped by strong shared values
... for a committed brand, authentic, 100% natural.

joint interview

pascale dans son labHow were les huilettes born?
Pascale - As Doctor in pharmacy, I have also been fascinated by nature and the power of plants. After many years in the beauty industry, I felt the need to imagine more natural cosmetics. To create les huilettes, I went back to medecine university to complete my expertise with a degree in aromatherapy and essential oils.
Claire – les huilettes is a story of synergies. A plant synergy, a synergy with our users who have accompanied us for over a year in the heart of development, to be in the right and offer a committed brand, 100% natural. And a new vision of beauty, the green chic!

What is our definition of beauty?
Claire – Assume our imperfections and age, while giving our skin and our mind the essentials. Take the time to listen to our desires, our moods ... to feel beautiful, serene and generous.
Pascale - To find from the heart of nature what is better and more effective and to respect it. With aromatherapy and oils, we can act and fight the signs related to skin aging while providing an absolute well being that makes us beautiful everyday. This is a question of synergies between vegetable oils and essential oils and between efficiency and natural .... Inhale exhale!

Reconciling your life as a woman, mom and entrepreneur is not always easy ...
Claire - Indeed, the most difficult is to disconnect - especially when you are passionate ... We indulge with Pascale the Sundays "detox": no sms, no whatsapp, no mail. Focus on the family! Our children are almost grown up, they are autonomous but it is always important to be there and to share moments of complicity with them ! The weekends are the occasion of big tables and to have lunch with family whereas during the week the moments are more intimate with a little time for each one; I try to find the right balance.
Pascale - We are both sporty and sport is part of our life balance. Claire needs to move and run at least three times a week; I am a hardcore fan of yoga - Ashtanga, hot yoga, vinyasa, I practice them all and recently went to Sri Lanka for a yoga retreat with my daughter for her 18 years. A magic moment! And then we have a great chance: our husbands are completely huilettes addicted and they are also longtime friends!

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