Inhale, exhale.
les huilettes, an invitation to offer us the essential.

pascale et claire

les huilettes is the alliance of Pascale's convictions - Doctor of Pharmacy and Aromatherapist - in search of efficiency and quality, and the global awareness of Claire's cosmetics industry.
Convinced that the appearance of women can not be dissociated from their emotions and convictions, they believe in a new approach to beauty.
They propose another way to live its beauty through 100% active organic formulas resulting from the synergy between the purest essential oils and virgin vegetable oils handpicked for their efficiency and sensoriality. 

les huilettes, it’s a story of synergy
... a plant synergy between essential oils and vegetable oils to obtain the most effective
... a synergy with our users which are still in the heart of our development, to live in the transparency this return to basics
... a synergy between Pascale and Claire, a long friendship embellished by time and shaped by strong shared values
... for a committed brand, authentic, 100% natural.

an integrated laboratory

pascale dans son lab
In her laboratory, for each creation, Pascale begins by using her pharmaceutical expertise to choose the oils and natural ingredients with the most promising benefits: Argan, Prickly pear, Helichryse ...
She then looks for serious partners and committed producers, concerned about organic and the planet.

Each ingredient is selected for its intrinsic qualities, for its color, its smell. And before each production, because les huilettes, it is always small series to ensure maximum freshness of assets.

les huilettes are made in France. les huilettes are natural cosmetics certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards. les huilettes are Vegan registered by the Vegan Society.

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